“Road from Emmaus” Ep014 – Grief and Suffering with Fr. Raphael Ma CR

by Kenny Cheng

In today’s episode, Andrew and Jason bring on their first ever guest, Fr. Raphael Ma CR. They tackle a heavier topic with him as they dive into questions about grief and suffering: Why does God allow suffering into this world? What is the teaching of redemptive suffering? How do we approach grief with someone who is or isn’t Catholic?

Before unpacking these questions, Fr. Raph CR shares his own experiences with grief: from the perspective of someone who regularly ministers to those who grieve, but also as someone who has gone through his own fair share.

Resources referred to by Fr. Raph CR throughout the episode:
1) Stephanie Gray blog post that illustrates what God does about suffering (and not just “why suffering”): https://loveunleasheslife.com/blog/2016/3/30/the-day-i-was-stumped-by-stephanie-gray

2) Website on grief – https://whatsyourgrief.com/

3) Another podcast episode on grief (Erin Kinsella works at Newman U of T)