Pope Francis: Don’t put ourselves at the centre and put God to one side

by FLL Editorial Team


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教宗在週三接見信眾時說: 「把天主放到一旁,把我們自己視為中心這引誘總是存在。過去犯罪的經驗傷害我們的基督徒生活,以及我們作為天主子女的身份。這就解釋了為何我們一定要有信仰的勇氣。我們一定要抗拒這一種心態: 『我們不需要天主,祂為你不那麼重要。』反而剛剛相反: 只有透過跟天主子女這身份相稱的行為,不因我們過去犯的錯而沮喪,我們才能感受到祂的愛,我們的生命將被更新,被喜樂和平靜所啟發。天主是我們的力量! 天主是我們的希望!」
On Wednesday, Pope Francis said in general audience catechesis: "The temptation to put God to one side, to put ourselves at the center is ever-present and the experience of sin wounds our Christian life, our being children of God. This is why we must have the courage of faith, we must resist being led to the mentality that tells us: "There is no need for God, He is not that important for you". It is the exact opposite: only by behaving as children of God, without being discouraged by our falls, can we feel loved by Him, our life will be new, inspired by serenity and joy. God is our strength! God is our hope!"

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Audience: Living like God's children [full text]