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Christ sending His Apostles瑪竇福音 10:7-13




Matthew 10:7-13

In today’s gospel, Jesus gave clear instructions to His disciples before they went to preach the Good News. He asked them to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those suffering from virulent skin-diseases, and drive out devils from the possessed. He asked them to help those who were abandoned by the society. Jesus wants us to recognize Him from these least brothers of ours. In order to get close to them, we have to let go of our ego and not be concerned of how others might see us. Are we willing?

He also said: “You received without paying, give without pay.” When we looked at all that we own, do we think we acquired everything by our own effort, or do we consider everything is gifted by God? The disciples were willing to give up everything and went to preach the Good News, because they realized all that they had were freely given by God. Only when we realize this, we can be generous and give what we have.

Jesus asked them to not bring anything with them. He wanted them to not rely on their belongings. We are used to rely on our properties in order to feel secure, but the more we feel secured, the less we rely on God. Let us learn not to depend on our properties, God will find ways to get rid of our uneasiness.

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