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世青節 2013


以下時間為東岸時間 Times listed below are in Eastern Time (EST)

已舉行活動 – 請按”+”號收看影片
Completed Events – Expand the entries to watch the archived videos

7/28 (Sun) 5:20pm
Departure from Rio de Janeiro

Pope Francis leaving Rio de Janeiro

7/28 (Sun) 4:15pm
The Pope at Rio: Meeting with the volunteers

Before leaving Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis greets the 15.000 young volunteers who have helped their coetaneous during the 28th WYD. The meeting takes place in the Congress Center of the city of Rio

7/28 (Sun) 8:45am
The Pope at Rio: Mass and Angelus for the WYD

Pope Francis celebrates the Holy Mass with the young people from all over the world taking part in the WYD at the Copacabana waterfront. The Angelus prayer follows and the place and date of the next WYD is announced.

7/27 (Sat) 6:15pm
The Pope at Rio: Prayer Vigil with the young people

Pope Francis attends the Prayer Vigil of the young people of the WYD and answers some questions at the Copacabana waterfront.

7/27 (Sat) 7:50am
The Pope at Rio: Holy Mass with the Bishops, Religious and Seminarians of the WYD

Pope Francis presides over the Holy Mass with the Bishops, Priests, Religious and Seminarians of the WYD.

7/27 (Sat) 10:20am
The Pope at Rio: Meeting with the Brazilian leaders

ope Francis meets the politicians, diplomats, the representatives of the Brazilian society, of the economic and cultural world and the leaders of the main religious communities in Brazil, at the City Theatre.

7/26 (Fri) 4:45pm
The Pope at Rio: Way of the Cross with the young people

Pope Francis attends the Way of the Cross with the young people of the WYD on the Copacabana waterfront of Rio de Janeiro

7/26 (Fri) 10:45am
The Pope at Rio: Angelus and greetings of the Pope

Pope Francis appears from the balcony of the archbishopric of Rio de Janeiro for the Angelus prayer and greets the people present.

7/25 (Thu) 4:45pm
The Pope at Rio: Welcoming celebration by the young people

The young people taking part in the World Youth Day welcome Pope Francis on the occasion of his first meeting with them on the Copacabana waterfront, the most famous site of Rio de Janeiro.

7/25 (Thu) 9:30am
The Pope at Rio Visit to the Varginha Community

Pope Francis goes to the Varginha Community which is part of the Manguinhos Favela in Rio, where he visits the local parish, a family and the community in a football pitch.

7/25 (Thu) 8:45am
The Pope at Rio: Delivery of the Keys of the City

里約熱內盧市長將會在市皇宮象徵式的把里約熱內盧的城市鑰匙交給教宗方濟各。教宗之後會祝聖下屆奧運和傷殘奧林匹克運動會的旗幟。Pope Francis is welcomed by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro in the City Palace who symbolically gives him the Keys of the City. He then blesses the flags of the next Olympic and Paralympic Games.

7/24 (Wed) 5:20pm
The Pope at Rio: visit to the São Francisco De Assis Na Providência Hospital

教宗會探訪聖方濟各醫院,他們致力於協助人戒毒、戒酒,並為貧病者提供免費醫療。Pope Francis visits the São Francisco De Assis Na Providência Hospital, which assists drug addicts and alcoholics and offers free medical care to the poor.

7/24 (Wed) 8:45am
The Pope at Rio: Visit and Holy Mass at the Aparecida

Pope Francis visits the Aparecida Shrine and after a short prayer in front of the Virgin celebrates the Holy Mass in the Basilica.

7/23 (Tue) 5:50pm
Opening of the World Youth Day (WYD) at Rio

里約熱內盧總主教Dom Orani João Tempesta會與主教們會為青年主持世青開幕彌撒。The Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani João Tempesta, presides over the opening Mass of the World Youth Day with the bishops and young people from all over the world.

7/22 (Mon) 2:15pm
里約熱內盧世青 – 歡迎教宗
WYD at Rio – Welcome Ceremony of the Pope

巴西官員歡迎教宗方濟各到達里約熱內盧主持第28屆普世青年節。Pope Francis is welcomed by the Official Brazilian Authorities on his arrival at Rio de Janeiro, on the occasion of the 28th World Youth Day.

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