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Jesus heals bleeding woman瑪竇福音 9:18-26




Matthew 9:18-26

In the bible, there aren’t many examples of Jesus praising people, but praising the faith of this woman suffering hemorrhages for twelve years is one. Although this woman didn’t even have the courage to speak to Jesus, and just quietly followed Him and touched the tassel on His cloak; Jesus said to her, “Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you.”

Jesus showed His merciful heart through this simple statement. He comforted her since He knew she was afraid, and probably ashamed of her sickness which made her unclean. He also called her daughter and said she was cured because of her faith. Jesus did not give credit to Himself, though He was the one who cured her, but praised her in front of the crowd. We can see that Jesus is touched by her faith, and this faith not only saved her, but made her a daughter. Compared to those who ridiculed Jesus at the official’s house, this woman’s faith is indeed special.

Sometimes when we need help, we may not even dare to ask, due to lack of courage, shame, or having hard time finding the right words to say, but do not be afraid, let us remember that Jesus is our gentle and merciful Lord. He will not laugh at us, but is willing to comfort us, for He knows our concerns and fears, so let us have faith in Him to entrust our needs in His hands.


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