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jesus-sacred-heart-cropped瑪竇福音 5:43-48




Matthew 5:43-48

In today’s gospel, Jesus said to His disciples: “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. By conventional logic, we might think wouldn’t it do harm to our psychological health?

The kind of love described by Jesus is agape. This is a sort of unconquerable benevolence or invincible goodwill. This love is not based on feelings. It is to actively treat our enemies with goodwill no matter how they treat us or insult us. We never allow bitterness against them to invade our hearts. Jesus also asked us to pray for them. This is because by our own effort, to love those who hurt us is almost impossible. Through prayers, God will open our hearts to seeing people the way that God sees them. And often we can have pity for people who may be filled with anger toward us.

When we let go of our hurt and pray for our enemies, we will find true peace and freedom.

FLL Editorial Team