馬爾谷福音 10:32-45 耶穌告訴門徒將要發生在祂身上的事後,雅各伯和若望走到耶穌跟前,不是關心祂將要受的苦,而是希望可以在祂的光榮中「分一杯羹」。雅各伯和若望只看到耶穌要受光榮,卻完全忘記了祂先要經歷苦辱和死亡。磨難使人謙卑,謙卑的人卻要被高舉。十字架是必須的磨練。 耶穌提醒眾門徒不要像外邦人一樣,作首領的不要主宰別人,卻要作眾人的僕役。如果以世俗的眼光看,作首領若反過來要服侍別人,那又有什麼好羨慕?他們不明白謙卑的人透過服務人去愛天主,即使仍在世上,天主自會賜給這些人喜樂和平安。 Mark 10:32-45 After hearing from Jesus what was going to happen to Him, James and John came to Jesus. They were not there out of concern for the suffering He had to endure, but to ask Him for sharing His glory with them. All that James and John saw was glory, they totally forgot that He had to first go through humiliation and death. Tribulation leads people to humility, and one who humbles himself will be exalted. The cross is inevitable. Jesus reminded His disciples not to follow the examples of the Gentiles, that whoever wishes to be the greatest should not lord over people, but to be the servant of all. Seeing it from the world’s perspective, why is being the greatest desirable, if one has to be the servant of all? They miss the point that those who are humble love God through their service to others. God will reward these people with joy and peace, even when they are still on earth.

教宗方濟各: 跟隨耶穌不是「事業」

(生命恩泉文摘編輯小組翻譯)教宗方濟各在週二的彌撒講道中說我們不應把宣揚耶穌當成一種裝飾,這要直入我們的心改造我們。跟隨耶穌也不是一個「事業」。 教宗由伯多祿的問題開始他的講道:我們跟隨祢有什麼賞報?他說這問題跟每一位基督徒都有關係。耶穌說跟隨祂的人會有「很多好的東西」,但「亦會遭迫害」。他說:「主的道路是謙遜的道路,一條在十字架終結的道路。因此經常會有困難、迫害。因為祂在我們以前走了這條路。如果一位基督徒在生命中沒有困難,一切都好,一切都美,一定有問題。這會令我們自覺是世俗的好朋友。這是基督徒的一個誘惑。」 「跟隨耶穌只到某一個地步:因為我是基督徒,我有這樣的文化…但沒有作為真正基督徒的必要身份或走祂的道路。如果你基於迎合文化而跟隨耶穌,你是用這道路去爭取高位,去得到權力。教會的歷史裡有很多這樣的例子,是嗎?甚至一些神父、主教,我不會說很多,也是這樣。」 當伯多祿問耶穌時,他就是以為跟隨祂是一個事業。耶穌答說:「是的,我會給予一切,連同迫害。」教宗說:「你不能在耶穌的道路除去十字架,它總是在那裡。」但教宗提醒,這不代表基督徒要傷害自己。「那些基於愛而跟隨耶穌的基督徒,當你基於愛而跟隨祂,魔鬼的嫉妒會做很多事情的。世界之神不會容忍這見證的。」 「想想德蘭修女: 世界之神怎樣說她?『噢,德蘭修女是美麗的,她為人做了這麼多好事…』世界之神永遠不會說她每天用很多時間朝拜聖體…永遠不會!這就是將基督徒的行為簡化成做善事。彷彿基督徒的生活是裝飾而已。宣揚耶穌不是裝飾,這應深入我們的骨骼,我們的心,深入我們,改造我們。世界之神不會容忍,因此造成迫害。」 教宗方濟各說那些離開自己的地方,離開自己的家庭跟隨耶穌的人會得到百倍賞報,連同迫害。 「跟隨耶穌就是,出於愛與祂一起,在祂背後: 在同一旅途,同一道路上。世界之神不會容忍,會令我們受苦,如同耶穌一樣。讓我們祈求這恩寵: 以耶穌啟示給我們的方式跟隨祂。這是美麗的,因為祂永遠不會拋下我們不顧。永遠不會!祂常與我們同在。」 資料來源 Source: Pope at Mass: Following Christ is not a career, it is the way of the Cross


馬爾谷福音 10:28-31 雖然伯多祿只剩下很少個人財產,但他仍稱那是他的一切;即使很少的東西也能令我們滿足,誰若只擁有很少的財物是受祝福的。伯多祿說「看,我們捨棄了一切,而跟隨了你。」彷彿在說「我們已按祢的吩咐做了。祢會給我們什麼賞報?」耶穌給了一個答案:「耶穌回答說:『我實在告訴你們:人為了我,為了福音,而捨棄了房屋、或兄弟、或姊妹、或母親、或父親、或兒女、或田地』」。祂這樣說不是叫我們離開我們的父親,不幫助他們,或跟妻子分開;祂指示我們要喜愛天主的光榮多於世上的事物。祂也暗示了迫害。有很多情況是父親慫恿兒子或是妻子叫丈夫不要敬愛天主;耶穌說,當他們有這樣的要求,就不要當他們是妻子或父親,正如聖保祿所言「但若不信主的一方要離去,就由他離去」。 從宗徒身上我們可引證這是對的;很多婦女為照顧他們的食物和衣服忙碌。宗徒們也有很多父親和母親,就是那些愛他們的人。為伯多祿來說,他離開了自己的房屋,之後卻得了所有信徒的居所——教會。他們要受迫害,但聖人就是因為迫害而擁有一切;那些捨棄一切跟隨耶穌的人由於迫害和磨難,在世界上是最後的,但他們將要因為對天主的盼望而成為在先的。 Mark 10:28-31 Although Peter had left but few things, still he calls these his all; for even a few things keep us by the bond of affection, so that he shall be beatified who leaves a few things. And because it is not sufficient to have left all, Peter adds that which makes up perfection, “and have followed you”. As if he said, We have done what You have commanded. What reward therefore will You give us? But while Peter asks only concerning the disciples, our Lord makes a general answer; “Jesus answered and said, “Amen, I say to you, there is no one who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands”. But in saying this, He does not mean that we should leave our fathers, without helping them, or that we should separate ourselves from our wives; but He instructs us to prefer the glory of God to the things of this world. But He seems here to intimate also the persecutions. For since there were many instances both of fathers urging their sons to ungodliness, and wives their husbands; when they command these things, says Jesus, let them be neither wives nor parents, even as Paul likewise said, “But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart.” See also how this is the case […]

教宗: 擺脫以個人福祉為中心,以及依戀暫時性的事物的文化

教宗於週一的彌撒講道中這樣說,我們要跟隨耶穌,就要擺脫那種以個人福祉為中心,以及依戀暫時性的事物的文化。 耶穌邀請一位青年人把他的財物捐給窮人然後跟隨他。但當那年青人聽到這話,就憂傷的離開了。教宗指出財富是一種障礙,不會幫助我們邁向天國。他說我們每一個人都有我們的「富足」。 教宗說:「總是有一種『富足』阻止我們親近耶穌。我們必須省察我們的良知,挑出我們的「富足」,因為它阻止我們在生命中走近耶穌。」 教宗指出兩種在我們文化裡的「富足」。「以個人福祉為中心令我們缺乏勇氣,令我們懶惰和自私。」 「不,不要超過一個孩子,否則我們便不能去渡假,我們不能買房子。跟隨天主不是問題,但只去到一個程度。」 除此之外,他也指出我們文化裡的另一種「富足」,就是我們陶醉於暫時性的事物。我們不喜愛耶穌那些「最終的計劃」。我們喜歡暫時性的事物,因為我們「害怕天主的時間」。 「祂是時間的主宰;我們是片刻的主人。為什麼?因為我們為瞬間下決定:我會跟隨天主到這個地步,然後再看看會怎樣…我們想做時間的主人,我們及時行樂。」 教宗認為那些離開自己的地方,到遠處傳教的人,或是那些一生忠於婚姻的人,他們就是真正跟隨耶穌。 In order to follow Jesus we must get rid of our culture based on economic well-being and of our attraction for the provisional. Jesus asked a young man to give all his riches to the poor and then to follow him. But when the young man heard this, he went away sad. Pope Francis’ homily found inspiration in the well-known episode narrated in the Gospel, and he underlined that “riches are an impediment” that “do not facilitate our journey towards the Kingdom of God”. And he pointed out: “Each and every one of us has riches”. There is always, he said, a richness that “stops us from getting close to Jesus”. We must all, he continued, examine our conscience and pinpoint our riches because they stop us from getting close to Jesus on the path of life”. And the Pope focused on what he called two “cultural riches”: the first, a “culture of economic wellbeing that causes us to be lacking in courage, makes us lazy, makes us selfish”. “No, no, not more than one child, because otherwise we will not be able to go on holiday, we will not be able to go out, we will not be able to buy a house. It’s all very well to follow the Lord, but only up to a certain point.”. […]


馬爾谷福音 10:17-27 耶穌喜愛那些遵守天主誡命的人,出於祂對那富少年的愛,祂進一步邀請他變賣他的所有去跟隨祂。耶穌因為愛世人的緣故,甘願成為一個貧窮的人。祂在世時經常與病人、罪人和不為社會接受的人來往。如果我們要跟隨這位師傅,就得走同樣的路。擁有很多財富的人沒有罪,如果他能好好利用那些財產,不依戀金錢,是完全沒有問題的。 富有與否,耶穌都要求門徒背著十字架跟隨祂。天父給我們的十字架,一定是我們能負擔的。不要害怕它,它是領我們到天國的道路。 生命恩泉曾採訪過一位渡獻身生活的青年,他曾自覺是那位富少年。大家可按此收看他的故事。 Mark 10:17-27 Jesus loves those who follow God’s commandments. Out of love, Jesus invited the rich young man to sell what he had and follow Him. Out of love for mankind, Jesus became a poor person. When He was still on earth, He was often with the sick, the sinners, and those who were marginalized by the society. If we are to follow this teacher, we would have to walk the same path. Those who are wealthy commit no sin, as long as he/she makes good used of those weath entrusted to them. Whether we are rich or not, Jesus asked His followers to pick up their crosses. The cross chosen for us by God must be light enough for us to bear. Do not be afraid of the cross, it is the road that leads us to heaven.


若望福音 16:12-15 那時,宗徒仍然未得知他們因耶穌的名而要承擔的一切。耶穌把更大的事,那些在祂被釘十字架以前,他們不能明白的事,留待遲一點才啟示給他們。他們仍然活在舊約律法之下,未能承受律法所指向的真理。但當聖神降臨,祂會依循祂的教導和訓誡把他們領到所有真理,把他們由死的法律條文帶到活潑的聖神那裡去,只有聖神內存有所有的聖經真理。 耶穌這樣說:「聖神『不憑自己講論』,祂不會不顧祂自己、聖子和聖父的旨意:因為祂不是出自自己,而是由聖父和我而來。祂存在,祂也講論,祂由聖父和我所共發。我講論真理,我啟示給人,也因聖神宣講,因為祂是真理之神。」 聖父發言,聖子聆聽,這是一個表達祂的身份和一致的方式。聖神,那真理和智慧之神,不會從聖子聽到任何祂不知道的事,因為祂由聖子而來。 天主聖三不能靠我們自己理解,而要藉著天主聖三灌輸祂的旨意在信徒的心,才能聽懂。 (本文以英文為準)


馬爾谷福音 10:13-16 成年人認為小孩子幼稚,不懂世情;耶穌卻偏偏叫我們要像孩子一樣去接受天主的國。耶穌要我們跟孩子學習。他們更懂得相信人,因為他們知道自己的不足;他們心地純潔,不會機關算盡。只有像孩子一樣,不在乎的別人的想法,專心一致,才能接受天主。耶穌樂於親近孩子,就讓我們向他們學習吧! Mark 10:13-16 Adults think children are naive and think they know nothing. But Jesus asked us to “accept the Kingdom of God like a child”. Jesus asked us to learn from children. They are more able to trust, since they are aware of their shortcomings. Their hearts are pure. Only when we act like a child, and do not care about how others might think of us, we can accept God. Jesus loves to be with children, let us learn from them!

教宗: 以忍耐面對痛苦,以愛去戰勝一切

教宗方濟各在週五(紀念聖母進教之佑)的彌撒講道中祈求兩個恩寵:以忍耐去面對痛苦和以愛去戰勝一切。 他說:「受苦就是用力承受困難,不讓困難拖垮我們——這是基督徒的美德。聖保祿曾多次說:忍耐。這就是說不要讓困難壓倒我們。…在困難中,我們一定要祈求這個恩寵。」 教宗提及的另一個恩寵是以愛去戰勝一切。 「要爭取勝利有很多方法,但我們今天求的是以愛去取得勝利。這是不容易的。當我們有外在的敵人令我們受這麼多苦,要以愛得勝毫不容易。我們會渴望報復。…愛,這份耶穌教我們的和善,這就是勝利!…我們的信仰正是這點:我們相信那位教我們和所有人相愛的耶穌。為我們的敵人祈禱就是我們愛的憑據。」 要為敵人祈禱不容易,但如果我們不寬恕敵人,不為他們祈禱,我們就是「被擊敗的基督徒」。 「我們向聖母祈求以忍耐去承受痛苦和以愛去戰勝一切的恩寵。有這麼多人走了這道路!他們那份平安,那份喜樂。他們有一顆忍耐的心,一顆充滿愛的心。他們知道何謂寬恕敵人,何謂為敵人祈禱。」 身為萬民福音部秘書長的韓大輝總主教和一些從中國來的神父和教友都有參與彌撒。在信友禱文完結時,教宗為中國人民祈禱。彌撒以一首中文的聖母聖歌完結。 “To suffer with patience and to overcome external and internal oppression with love.” That was the prayer of Pope Francis today at the Domus Sanctae Martae during Mass on the feast of Mary Help of Christians. In his homily, Pope Francis requested two graces: “To endure with patience and to overcome with love.” These are “graces proper to a Christian.” “To suffer with patience,” he notes, “is not easy.” “It is not easy, whether the difficulties come from without, or are problems within the heart, the soul, internal problems.” But to suffer, he explained, is not simply to “bear with a difficulty.”: “To suffer is to take the difficulty and to carry it with strength, so that the difficulty does not drag us down. To carry it with strength: this is a Christian virtue. Saint Paul says several times: Suffer [endure]. This means do not let ourselves be overcome by difficulties. This means that the Christian has the strength not to give up, to carry difficulties with strength. Carry them, but carry them with strength. It is not easy, because discouragement comes, and one has the urge to give up and say, ‘Well, come on, we’ll do what we can but no more.’ But no, it is a grace to suffer. In difficulties, we must ask for [this grace], in […]


聖母進教之佑 特別為中國教會祈禱 – 若望福音 2:1-11 在加納婚宴把水變成酒的奇蹟,跟其他奇蹟很不同。耶穌多次把人治癒,令瞎子復明,祂若不行這些奇蹟,那些人便要繼續受苦。雖然在婚宴上沒有為賓客預備足夠的酒,確實會令主人蒙羞,但即使耶穌沒有把水變成酒,後果也算不上很嚴重。聖母告訴祂酒不夠之後,耶穌本來沒打算行奇蹟,也因為聖母的轉告而改變初衷。 聖母就是這樣留意她子女的需要,默默為我們轉求。讓我們也效法聖母,只簡單的向天主訴說我們的需要,由祂決定在祂選擇的時候,以祂的方式回應我們的祈禱。進教之佑,為我等祈。 Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians – World Day of Prayer for China – John 2:1-11 The miracle at Cana is quite different from the other miracles that Jesus performed. Jesus had healed many people. He restored the vision of the blind. If He chose not to perform these miracles, many people would have to continue with their suffering. Not having enough wine in a wedding would be embarrassing, but even without Jesus’ intervention, the consequences would not be as bad. After Mary told Jesus that there was not enough wine, even though Jesus did not intend to perform any miracle, He changed His mind because of His mother’s words. Mother Mary is so attentive to her children’s needs. She intercedes for us always. Let us learn from her. We should simply tell God our needs, and let Him decide the best time and the best way for Him to respond to our prayers. Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.


馬爾谷福音 9:41-50 在今天的福音中,耶穌說誰若令信他的人跌倒,倒不如把這人投在海裡。對耶穌來說,每一個人的得救是最重要的,因此祂才會如此形容所有引誘他人犯罪的人。如果我們的肢體令我們犯罪,祂寧願我們放棄那肢體,也不要犯罪, 耶穌也形容了地獄裡可怕的情況:「那裏的蟲子不死,火也不滅」。地獄最可怕的是永遠與天主隔絕。天主是一切美善的根源,試想想跟所有美好的事物隔絕,這就是地獄。讓我們竭盡所能棄絕罪惡。 Mark 9:41-50 In today’s gospel, Jesus said whoever causes someone who believes in Him to sin, it would be better for him if he were thrown into the sea. To Jesus, the salvation for each and every one of us is of utmost importance. This is why he would describe a person who causes another to sin. Even if one of our limbs causes us to sin, Jesus would rather we have it cut off than to sin. Jesus also described the horrendous conditions in hell: “their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched”. The worst part of hell is to be eternally separated from God, who is the source of all goodness. Try imagine being separated from all things good. That is hell. Let us try our best to abandon our sins.


教宗方濟各於週三呼籲所有天主教徒今個星期五為中國教會祈禱。榮休教宗本篤十六世於二零零七年將每年五月二十四日訂作為中國教會祈禱日。 他說:「我敦促世界各地的天主教徒為我們在中國的兄弟姊妹祈禱,懇求天主賜恩寵去宣揚基督;對教會和伯多祿的繼承人忠誠,以一個跟他們宣認的信仰相稱的方式,每天為他們的國家和國民貢獻。」 他特別向佘山聖母祈禱,求在中國的人能在困難中繼續相信,繼續有希望,繼續愛。 在二零零八年五月,榮休教宗本篤十六世特別撰寫了向佘山聖母頌: 至聖童貞瑪利亞, 降生聖言聖母,又是我們的母親, 您在佘山聖殿被尊稱爲「進教之佑」, 整個在中國的教會滿懷熱愛瞻仰您, 今天我們投奔您台前,求您護佑。 請垂顧這天主子民,幷以母親的關懷 帶領他們,走上真理與愛的道路, 使他們在任何情况下, 都成爲促進全體人民和諧共處的酵素。 您在納匝肋順從主旨,說了「是」, 讓永生天主子在您貞潔的母胎中取得肉軀, 使救贖工程從此在歷史中展開, 您又懇摯地奉獻自己協助這工程, 讓痛苦的利刃刺透您的心靈, 直到最後的重要時刻,在加爾瓦略山上,十字架下, 當您聖子犧牲自己,使世人獲得生命時, 您佇立在祂身旁。 從那時開始,爲一切在信仰中追隨您聖子耶穌 幷跟著她背起十字架的人, 您以一種嶄新的形式,成了他們的母親。 希望之母,您在聖周六的黑暗中, 仍懷著堅定不移的信心,迎接復活節的黎明, 請將這分辯的能力賞給您的子女, 使他們在任何處境中,即使是最黑暗的時刻, 仍能見到天主親臨的標記。 佘山聖母,請援助那些在日常勞苦中, 仍繼續相信、希望、和實踐愛德的中國教友, 使他們永不懼怕向世界宣講耶穌, 幷在耶穌跟前爲世界祈禱。 您以塑像的形態,矗立在佘山聖殿頂,高舉張開雙臂的聖子, 向世界展示他對世人的深愛。 請幫助天主教友常作這大愛的可信見證人, 幷使他們與教會的磐石伯多祿結合在一起。 中國之母,亞洲之母,請常爲我們祈求,現在直到永遠。亞孟。 Pope Francis has called Christians worldwide to prayer this Friday for our brothers and sisters in China. Speaking at the end of his general audience in Italian, the Holy Father noted that Friday, May 24th, is the day dedicated to the liturgical memory of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, who is venerated with great devotion at the Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. He said : “I urge all Catholics around the world to join in prayer with our brothers and sisters who are in China, to implore from God the grace to proclaim with humility and joy Christ, who died and rose again; to be faithful to His Church and the Successor of Peter and to live everyday life in service to their country and their fellow citizens in a way that is consistent with the faith they profess. Making our own a few words of prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan, together with you I would like to invoke Mary : ” Our Lady of Sheshan, sustain all those in China, who, amid their daily trials, continue to believe, to hope, to love. May they never […]


馬爾谷福音 9:38-40 那個以耶穌的名驅魔的人不屬於門徒團體,卻沒有跟他們「劃清界線」。他的立場就像那些未接受入門聖事,但卻十分支持基督徒的人。耶穌指出這些人「決不會失掉他的賞報」。但這並不代表他們可因善待基督徒而自以為「安全」,他們的罪污尚未經洗禮潔淨,也未和基督妙身結合。值得留意的是他們現在被天主的仁慈指引著,未來可能會接受天主,遠離俗世。 這些人甚至比一些經已背負著基督徒身份、已領受聖事的人更為可靠。 我們要注意,當我們做好事的時候,也要避免冒犯近人,以致他們輕視我們的工作;假若有障礙阻攔真理的傳揚,我們寧願冒犯別人,也不要背棄真理。 (本文以英文為準)