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‘Render unto Caesar' by Peter Paul Rubens

‘Render unto Caesar’ by Peter Paul Rubens

馬爾谷福音 12:13-17




Mark 12:13-17

In Jesus’ time, the Jews lives in the brutal Roman empire. They hoped for the Messiah who would free them from the tyranny, just like how King David freed them from the Philistines. The Pharisees and Herodians put Jesus on the spot by asking Him whether they should pay tax to Caesar. If He said they should, the Jews would see Him as a traitor; otherwise, the Romans would capture Him.

When we come across questions which do not come from a desire to know the truth, we can follow Jesus’ example. Instead of letting Himself be controlled, He took charge of the conversation and asked another question instead. In the end, Jesus replied: “Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. The punch line lies in the second part.

Jesus shows us that we need to support the infrastructure of the society, but when the government abuses power and attacks human dignity (which offends God), Christians must stand up and defend justice.


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