Survey on Physicians’ Conscience Rights against Physician Assisted Suicide

Physicians' Conscience Rights against Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician Assisted Suicide will no longer be illegal on Feb 6, 2016. Both the Ontario Government and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) are seeking public opinion on how physician assisted suicide should happen in Ontario. The CPSO has proposed that physicians must take part in physician assisted suicide by either offering physician assisted suicide or directly referring or transferring his/her patient to another physician. The latter is considered formal cooperation and thus against the Church’s teaching.

Please voice your opinion to the CPSO and ask them not to force doctors to refer patients for physician assisted suicide. Deadline is Jan 13.

The CPSO policy document, and links to the various feedback methods, including the Online Survey, can be found here.

You can also tell the Ontario government your thoughts about physician assisted suicide by using this link.

You can access your MPs and share your concerns using this link: