1 day till canonization: Saint


The life of the Spirit is being revealed to me gradually. It has to be studied and practiced like an exact science, the science of the saints.

Pope John XXIII

Did you know?
In order to be canonized, two official approved miracles are needed. In Pope John XXIII’s case only one miracle has been approved, while Pope Francis waived the second one. Though rare, it is within the Pope’s authority to do so.
“I have left everything to God and have allowed myself to be led in perfect obedience to the plans of Providence.” (Pope John XXIII)
Pope John XXIII’s episcopal motto, “Obedience and Peace”, guided his life. He worked behind the scenes of the Cuban missile crisis and wrote the important encyclical Pacem in Terris. When recalling him, Pope Francis said, “Even more profoundly, through this daily abandonment to the will of God, the future Pope John lived a purification, which allowed him to detach himself completely from himself, and to adhere to Christ, thus allowing the holiness to emerge, which the Church has [now] officially recognized. Jesus tells us, ‘Whoever loses his life for me will save it. (Lk 9:24)’ Here is the true wellspring of Pope John’s, of the peace that he sowed throughout the world. Here is the root of his holiness: in this, his evangelical obedience.” (Francis remembers Blessed Pope John XXIII)
In Christ the absolute holiness of God is hypostatically united with the holiness of Man…but especially as love of goodness in everything, even in one who is bad.

Pope John Paul II (Personal Notes)
Did you know?
Pope John Paul II wrote a letter of resignation back in February 1989, during the Cold War, in the case where he could not perform his duties due to an incurable illness or a ‘severe impairment’. He gave it to the Dean of the College of Cardinals, the cardinals of the Roman Curia and Vicar of Rome to decide when to accept his letter. (John Paul II wrote a letter of resignation)
Unknown to many during his lifetime, Pope John Paul II did many penances for those in need. He prayed for prayer requests that would be left as notes on his table. (Best keep secrets of John Paul II revealed, his sacrifices)