Dream Achievers Concert

Dream Achievers concert
Dream Achievers concert
The Dream Achievers Concert was held successfully on August 10. Close to 800 guests, including many special needs families, came out to enjoy the two wonderful performances. The audience were amazed at the talents of the three autistic musicians and were deeply touched by their parents’ unwavering support for them. The audience even rose to their feet and danced to the party music they performed. Fountain of Love and Life is very thankful to the Dream Achievers for their support of our apostolate. You may express your appreciation of the Dream Achievers concert by making a donation at FLL.cc/concert. The concert donation system is available until August 31. All the proceeds from the concert will go towards FLL.
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Dream Achievers is a renowned special needs youth band from California, made up of three autistic musicians. They have won many music awards and have performed internationally. Dream Achievers will come from San Francisco to hold a fundraising concert for FLL. The concert will feature a mix of classical, pop, jazz, rock, Christian, Chinese and hip-hop songs.

Dream Achievers on FLL TV shows
Fountain of Love and Life had produced three TV episodes Lawrence Wang, his mom, Anna Wang, and the Dream Achievers band.
Heavenly Gifts
Lawrence from San Francisco has to cope with developmental disabilities caused by autism. With love and perseverance, his family members and music teachers continue to provide opportunities for him to explore his abilities. Years later, they finally witnessed the special gift God has bestowed upon him.
Unconditional Love
Children born with special needs or disabilities are often seen as being very unfortunate, but a group of parents at ‘Friends of Children with Special Needs’ show us how despair can turn into hope through their unconditional and endless love for their children.
Dream Achievers
Dream Achievers, a band formed by musicians with autism, seeks to bring hope to people with special needs and their families through their performances. Fountain of Grace shares with you their concert in Hong Kong, and the stories behind this band.


Paul Yeung, FLL Executive Director, in TV interview by OMNI TV

Anna Wang in TV interview by OMNI TV

The Dream Achievers Band’s Biography

Dream Achievers Band is a music ensemble made up of talented young musicians with Autism who have participated in Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) music program. Founded in October 2011, Dream Achievers members are Lawrence Wang, saxophonist/flutist, drummer and vocalist, Alice Jen, pianist, and Gregory Hebert, guitarist and vocalist. Their repertoire includes more than 300 songs that range from classical music to jazz/hip hop, Latin, kid-songs, and traditional cultural music. Due to Autism, each one of them has an inspirational story of hope and amazing courage behind their music.

Lawrence Wang, diagnosed with Autism at age 3, has always been fearful of loud sounds and high pitched noises. Eight years ago, Lawrence attended his first music lesson and was discovered to have savant-like musical talent. Working through the painful noises, he mastered the flute recorder, three types of saxophones, vocals, and drums. Lawrence has received recognitions from the media and the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. He has also performed internationally and is the winner of Special Needs Talent Showcase 2016.

Alice Jen, started her musical journey when she was 5 years old. After seeing someone playing piano on TV, she began playing by ear before she spoke her first word. She started formal music lessons at age 7 and learned to read notes. Alice has won the first place in numerous competitions, including Western Regional California State Talent and Performing Arts Competition, US Open Music Competition, Special Needs Talent Showcase, and the Elite International Music Competition 2018 in Carnegie Hall, New York.

Gregory Hebert, like Lawrence, was also sensitive to loud sounds as a child. It was only a mere six years ago that he taught himself to play the guitar. He started out by playing along to songs on his videos, eventually branching out to imitating guitarists on YouTube. Gregory’s musical talent has blossomed, as he has developed perfect pitch and learns the band songs by ear. He has wonderful humor and is very popular with the audience during performances.

The Dream Achievers Band is one of the winners of 2015 Special Needs Got Talent. They have been the headliner for countless events and celebrations, including concerts in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Washington DC, California State Capitol, universities, and public and private parties.

These young musicians’ goal is to be the sign of hope for parents, musical ambassadors and shining examples for the community at large to see that individuals with “disabilities” can have many special “abilities” through their gift of music.