Sunday Reflection

“Come and see” (John 1:39)

“Here I am Lord; I come to do your will” (Psalm 40) [...]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The Holy Spirit empowers us to let our inner “superhero” out and be the person whom God has called. [...]

“Sunday Homily: Fr. Justin Huang” Begin Again With Equilibrium

Many of us struggle with highs and lows in our lives: When we’re high, we’re very high, but unfortunately unprepared for problems and sufferings that eventually come. If you’re the kind of person who gets surprised at suffering, such as when COVID-19 struck the world, this may apply to you. On the other hand, once we’re low, we’re distraught, [...]

When the Foreigners Came to Jerusalem

When the Magi come to pay homage to the powerless infant in the manger, the time has come for the secret to turn into a reality, for Jerusalem to take the center stage, and for Daughter Zion to become the Bride of Christ – the Catholic Church. [...]

“Sunday Homily – Fr. Justin Huang” Evangelization Helps Us Begin Again

There’s a popular YouTube channel about exercise and one of the videos is entitled, “Can you touch your fingers behind your back? (Big Problem!).” An athlete should be able to put one hand behind their head and one behind their back and then touch their fingers—this flexibility will help them exercise properly. [...]

We belong to a natural and a supernatural family

Leading a life of holiness as that of the Holy Family of Nazareth [...]

Begin Again Through Trials

Today, we’re going to answer the question of why God allows spiritual desolation, something we all experience, especially this year. By spiritual desolation we mean feeling far from God, not feeling His love, not wanting to pray, and everything spiritual is hard. [...]

A Shelter Fit for a King

In truth, our loving God does not need a “cedar house”; rather, we need to dwell in God and at the same time, humbly allowing God to dwell in us. [...]

Begin Again: More Blessings Are Coming

There are two things you can do to see God’s blessings in your life: 1) Perspective. Our life is probably better than we think. One time, the wife of author Michael Hyatt asked, “How was your day?” “Man, it was terrible.” “Really, what was so bad about it?” When he finished telling her, she said, “It sounds to me like you had a really [...]

The Holy Spirit’s Knock-Out Punch!

For those of you who are studying the Scripture seriously, I hope the Holy Spirit would also punch your lights out the way He did it to me! [...]

Begin Again: Go Out of Yourself

In 1965 Archbishop Sheen quoted Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, that about a third of people who saw him didn’t have a “clinically definable neurosis,” but were suffering from “senselessness and aimlessness” in their lives ! It’s an existential crisis, a lack of meaning and purpose, an anxiety, and a problem of living. This reminds me [...]

“The day of the Lord will come like a thief” (2 Peter 3:10)

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is from the first few verses of Chapter 1 of the Gospel according to St. Mark. Verse 1 “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” is also a title for the entire gospel (Ref: Ignatius Bible Study [IBS] P65). The “good news” is that Christ has come to rescue all nations from sin, selfishness, and [...]

Begin Again

Because of the First Reading and because we’re now in Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year, I’ve discerned a theme that we’re going to be talking about during Advent and Christmas, and that theme is: Begin Again. [...]

How do we prepare for Advent in this unprecedented time?

In the beginning of the Advent season, we are waiting, watching, expecting, and preparing ourselves for the coming of a Savior. With the entire globe weathering COVID-19, the highly infectious respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus, we are in uncharted territory. So, what are we expecting? How do we prepare our hearts in this unprecedented time? [...]

The Shepherd and the King

Jesus is no ordinary king. Like David, his Old Testament type, he is a Shepherd-King. [...]

Is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

In God's kingdom of eternal joy, there is no shortage of resources nor discrimination of treatment. [...]

Preparing for the Royal Visit

If we do not live like we “know” Christ every single day, how do we expect Christ to “know” us when He comes again? [...]

Experiencing the Mystical Body of Christ

The doors of the Church that I knocked on 43 years ago are opening up to an abyss of mysteries far deeper than any human mind can fathom! [...]

Religious Life and Social Life Become One in Love

Love is what brings our religious life (love of God) and social life (love of neighbor) into unity. [...]

“Give therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Mt 22:21)

May our earthly commitments be guided by a beacon of light from the divine [...]

The Bible is in a Nutshell Just God’s Wedding Invitation

The theme of marriage and family runs through the Bible like a thread, weaving its way intricately and skillfully from the first chapter to the last. [...]

What kind of tenants are we?

Christ is the true vine who gives life and the power to bear abundant fruit to the branches [...]

Where do I stand in response to God’s invitation

This Sunday Gospel reading shows that one can and should stand before God, individually, and assume spiritual responsibility. It confronts each of us with a big question, “Where do I stand in response to God’s invitation?” [...]

“[A]re you envious because I am generous?” (Mt 20:15)

Let us free ourselves from our presumptions, so that God’s big picture, beyond the limited reality we can perceive with our eyes, can be made visible to our heart. [...]