Sunday Reflection

“The appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white” (Luke 9:28)

Pope Francis encouraged us to climb up with Jesus on the mountain, to be more attentive to the voice of God and to allow oneself to be enveloped and transformed by the Spirit. [...]

Our own forty days in the desert

If the genealogy of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel, which begins from His human origin “He was the son, as was thought of Joseph . . .” (Lk 3:23), is meant to underscore His human background; the temptations in today’s Gospel reading further prove the reality of His human nature – “He had to become like His brothers in every way. . . because [...]

Our own forty days in the desert

Temptations are like litmus papers, revealing the depth of our faith and love in God. [...]

Caught with Our Foot in Our Mouth

For it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks” (Lk 6:45) [...]

Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven (Luke 6:37)

I remain hopeful that God would be able to win over her heart and turn it from a heart of judgement and condemnation to a heart of mercy and forgiveness. [...]

St. Luke’s version of the Beatitudes

If we live like Jesus, St. Luke assures us that we will “rejoice in that day” when He will come again, we will “leap for joy” for “surely [our] reward is great in heaven” (Luke 6:23). [...]

The Christian call to holiness

Every vocation is a commitment to love. [...]

Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is my purpose? Who am I?

The Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), concluded in 2015, has begun an arduous but genuine healing of Canada’s relationship with the first peoples of the land by first, acknowledging the brutal wounds left by colonization, and paved ways for more open and candid dialogue, not only between the Canadian Government and [...]

Discovering Who We Are

Do we know who we are? Can we recognize our own identity, or do we define it from our culture and society? [...]

A Love Story Like No Other

A great mystery indeed is this marriage of heaven and earth. [...]

“You are my son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased” (Luke 3:22)

Let us follow St. Paul’s advice, strive to be transformed by faith and make it our goal in life that God will be well pleased in us His adopted children. [...]

“We three kings of orient are . . .”

Let yourself be transformed by the good news [...]

Honouring the Holy Family

The Holy Family is the Perfect Snapshot of Unconditional Trust and Faithfulness [...]

The Woman Who Makes Christmas Great

Jesus is our Lord and the reason why we celebrate Christmas. But in this Christmas, let’s also remember the woman who makes it great. [...]

“The Lord is near.” (Philippians 4:5)

Rejoice, be glad; be gentle and humble [...]

Salvation history is human history

Let us widen our lens when reading the Bible and do not dissociate its stories with our present age and the world we are in now [...]

The End or the Beginning

Advent is indeed, a time of remembering, reflection, and transformation. [...]

Is Christ the King in our Family?

What does it mean when we say Christ is King in our family? Let us unpack its meaning together. [...]

The “Little Apocalypse”

Are we nearing the day of the sun darkening, the moon losing its light, and the stars falling from the sky? [...]

Pope Francis’ famous question comes to my mind “Who am I to judge?”

If I were put to the test in their circumstances, would I make the same decisions and end up on the streets? [...]

Why is the love of God verified by the love of neighbours?

Loving our neighbours reveals God's love to them. [...]

Can’t Appreciate the Bible? Try Typology.

Through the lens of typology, we see Jesus’ restoration of the blind man’s sight as one of many healing acts of our Lord that are meant to declare the end of the exile of humanity and its full restoration to glory [...]

Companions on the Journey

Christ comes to offer his heart to us first so that we may have the courage to journey with him and let “the will of the Lord [...] prosper” (Is 53:10). [...]

His disciples “said to one another, ‘Then who can be saved?’”

Jesus said, “For humans it is impossible, but not for God; for God all things are possible” (Mark 10:26-27) [...]

As it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever and ever

God's eternal plan encompasses all that He has predestined to occur [...]