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宗徒大事錄 16:22-34

在今天的讀經一中,我們看到保祿和息拉被群眾攻擊,又被官長撕下衣服毆打,然後被押在監裏。他們沒有後悔因為傳福音而引來不公義的對待,反而在半夜時分祈禱讚頌天主。這就是聖神在他們身上的工作。就在這時候,地震令監獄的門也開了。獄警情急想自殺時,保祿和息拉沒有逃走,反而安慰他。在如此緊急的關頭,作為真正的福傳者,保祿和息拉沒有先顧及自身的安危,只想到要救人: 救他的肉身,也向他傳福音救他的靈魂。


Acts 16:22-34

In today’s first reading, we see that Paul and Silas were attacked by the crowd, stripped and beaten by the magistrates, then got threw into prison. They did not regret the injustice they had to suffer for evangelizing, instead they sang hymns to praise God. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. At this time, the jail doors flew open due to the earthquake. The jailer was so worried that he wanted to commit suicide. Paul and Silas did not escape, but to remain there and console him. In that critical moment, as authentic evangelizers, Paul and Silas did not care about their safety, they were only concerned about saving people: saving their physical lives, and saving their souls by preaching the Good News.

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit that we can be transformed into authentic evangelizers.

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