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the-lords-prayer瑪竇福音 6:7-15


1. 我們在天的父:我們稱天主,那全能和萬有的創造者為父。當我們視天主為我們的父親,也就同時承認了世上所有人都屬同一個大家庭。我們不能憎恨、妒忌和歧視任何人。

2. 願你的名被尊為聖:我們祈求所有人都能對天主的名致以崇敬。

3. 願你的國來臨:我們祈求所有人都願意接受天主和祂的愛。與此同時,我們要努力使這世界變成一個合乎天主旨意的地方。

4. 願你的旨意承行於地,如在天上一樣:我們祈求我們自己的旨意越來越肖似天主的旨意。只有這樣,我們才能完全奉行祂的旨意。

5. 我們的日用糧,求你今天賜給我們:我們只求天主賜今天的食糧,不去擔心未來。這祈求不單只為我們的摰親,也是為所有人能得溫飽而求,因而提醒我們自己要盡力協助有需要的人。

6. 寬免我們的罪債,猶如我們也寬免得罪我們的人:真正的寬恕要求我們和人修和。真正的基督徒有一份堅固的安全感,即使人們攻擊他,他也不會被冒犯。我們祈求天主賜恩寵,使我們能向這目標邁進。

7. 不要讓我們陷入誘惑,但救我們免於兇惡:在最後,我們承認自己的軟弱和對天主完全的依賴,並求祂保護我們。


Matthew 6:7-15

In today’s gospel, Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. This is what we now call the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer contains seven petitions, all of them have a profound meaning.

1. Our Father who art in heaven: In addressing God as “our Father” we are acknowledging that every human person, including myself, is a child of God and therefore that we all belong to one huge family where we are all, in a very real way, brothers and sisters to each other. There is no room here for rejection, or hatred, or discrimination.

2. Hallowed be thy name: We are praying that God’s name be held in the deepest respect by people.

3. Thy Kingdom come: We pray that every person in our world may put themselves consciously and willingly under the kingship and lordship and the love of God. We do this, above all, by our working together to make this world the kind of place that God wants it to be.

4. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven: We pray that we can fully want what He wants. We are only fully doing his will when we fully want what he wants, when our will and his will are in perfect harmony.

5. Give us this day our daily bread: We are only asking for what we need now, and now to worry about the future. We do not pray for just our immediate families, but all those who are in need. This reminds us to try our very best to help those who are in need.

6. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: Forgiveness in the Scripture always includes reconciliation between offender and offended. The true Christian has a rock solid sense of their own security and their own inner worth which no other person can take away. We ask for God’s grace to eventually reach this goal.

7. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: In the end, we acknowledge our weaknesses and our total dependence on God’s help. We ask to be protected.

The Lord’s Prayer are usually recited in a rapid way, but all petitions have a profound meaning. We should slow down and try to ponder over them.

Commentary on Matthew 6:7-15

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