Christmas buttons work!!

by Guest Contributor

Christmas buttons work!

Testimony from Ivy Chan

My company is a Jewish company and my boss is an orthodox Jew. Each year, our company will close for one week during the Christmas season and usually we will put a notification at the bottom of our email to notify people that we will be closed during that time.

My boss used to send us a message with holiday greetings and asked us to use the same as our notification. His greeting was “Happy Holidays”, but I usually change it to “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”.

I have been doing this for the past few years and everything seems fine until last year. My boss forwarded one of my emails and asked us to use the exact same wordings as his in our notification.

The only difference between his and mine is "Merry Christmas"! I didn't know what to do as this was the first anti-Christ challenge for me. I prayed to God for help and asked other people's opinion. I had different answers from my friends: I better obeyed if this was the company's instruction, it was a time for martyrs... but none of these gave me peace, until I saw the FLL Christmas button! I decided to keep my original wordings in my email but made the fonts smaller and then wear the button to work every day. When my colleague, who sat beside me saw my button, she asked for one. When the office heard about the story, other colleagues asked me if I had more buttons for them to wear (none of them are Catholics!) One of them who was Jewish, chose "It's OK to say Christmas to me"! I was so touched by their support and understanding and felt keenly God's love for them.

I remember it was the day before our office closed for Christmas. My boss had called a meeting with me and after the meeting, he said to me, "Merry Christmas, Ivy". At that moment, I almost had tears in my eyes as I found the answer from God.

Thank you FLL for bringing the Christmas Button to us. It's small but it is influential.